Into the Wild (ITW) is focused on enhancing environmental literacy and responsible citizenship through place based education and community building. We construct ‘Habitat Classrooms’ where nature and experience are integrated to educate, in the context of the native environment, local community and its socio-cultural heritage.

Our expertise is grounded in years of involvement in the management of wildlife in Karnataka, including complex and highly sensitive cases of wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and curbing illegal trade. We remain dedicated to nurturing a peaceful co-existence between humans and animals so as to reduce the incidence of human -animal conflict.

We want to drive citizens to re-think human-centered development that occurs at the cost of the environment. Thereby transforming the urban landscape into one that is inclusive and regards native wildlife and sustainability as an equal stakeholder of development.

Currently, we conduct habitat monitoring, facilitate curriculum based outdoor learning for our school partners and offer young naturalist training programmes grounded in wildlife and ecology.

We strongly believe that a more habitable, sustainable, biodiverse tomorrow can be constructed by discovering and nurturing nature together.

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